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5 Environmental Documentaries that You Should All Watch

There are lots of interesting and captivating environmental documentaries which we should watch, in order to find out what are things that could affect us and our environment. Let’s see what are the best 5 environmental documentaries that all people who are concerned for the environment should watch.

Emptying the skyes

This absolutely amazing documentary is about bird poaching and it is based on a magazine essay which has been written by Jonathan Franzen for the ”New Yorker”. The documentary actually focuses on the illegal practice of hunting down protected species of migrating birds which are being afterwards sold on the black market. This is definitely one of the best environmental documentaries that you should all watch.


This beautifully photographed documentary is the recent one in its category. It explains why our last window of opportunity to save the planet from an environmental catastrophe is closing quickly. It talks about the fact that most of us are not informed regarding what is really happening on our planet and that if we would know the truth, we would definitely fight for our future and the future of other generations as well. It is one of the 5 environmental documentaries that you should all watch.

The end of the line

In this documentary-movie we will reveal the ecological devastation, on local and global scale, caused by overfishing. It highlights the fact that lots of well-known species, including tuna and cod, are likely to be extinct by 2048. The documentary send us an important message ” the time is ticking and the time to act is now”. It will definitely change the way you think about seafood.


This is an award-winning documentary as well, and it is definitely a must see movie. The documentary talks about the devastating impact of humanity’s modern waste. With a detailed graphic look at the amount of garbage that we produce every single day, this documentary focuses on the consequences that may harm our environment if we don’t take measures as soon as possible.

Extinction in progress

This documentary is about how much is Haiti struggling to get on its feet after a disastrous earthquake and about its real problem regarding the complete degradation of the natural resources.

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