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5 Reasons why You Should Ride a Bike to Work

Nowadays lots of people have stopped driving their cars and have started to cycle. It is indeed a very good idea and a good way to keep yourself fit. The advantages of cycling are without any doubt, numerous. Here are 5 reasons why you should ride a bike to work and not only.

1.It is much cheaper than driving

Keeping bikes in shape is obviously cheaper than driving. You can cycle long distances any time you want, without asking yourself ”Do I have enough money for the fuel?” as you would ask yourself if you had to drive. If you have to buy a new bike, it is also much cheaper, even than buying a second-hand car.

2.It is a free gym on wheels

Instead of paying for the gym and loosing lots of time going there and coming back home, why not buying a bicycle and ride it to all the places you need to go. Doing that, you will stay fit and do everything you have to do as well, with less costs. Doctors say that cycling can have a very effective cardiovascular benefit and most off all, it helps overweight people lose weight in a short period of time.

3.We inhale less harmful exhaust

Studies have shown that you get the biggest hit of the ”nasties” when you actually are inside a car. Drivers are more susceptible to harmful air than cyclists. Can you imagine how clean the air would be if all of us would start using a bike instead of a car?! We should all think about replacing our car with a bike, at least from time to time.

4.You will never have to worry about finding a parking spot again

Most of the time finding a parking spot can be challenging for any driver. But finding a parking spot for a bike can be the easiest option. You can basically leave your bike anywhere you want as long as it’s not in someone’s way. Folding bikes are also an option, as they can be packed into a bag and stashed under a desk or in a closet.

5.Traffic jams won’t be a problem for you anymore

It is terrible when you have to get to work or to another place and you get stuck in traffic, in your car, without being able to do anything. We all have been there many times. Having a bike will reduce considerably the time spent in the traffic.

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