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Are Vacuum Cleaners Environmentally Friendly?

When it comes to cleaning the house, you can’t think of a better way to clean the floors and carpets than using the vacuum cleaner. This powerful appliance has the power to absorb every dust and dirt particle, leaving your floors sparkling clean, but have you ever thought about the effect these units have on the environment? To sort things out for you, here are some arguments that prove whether or not vacuum cleaners are environmentally friendly.

Considering the energy consumption

Vacuum cleaners use very much energy in order to operate, which makes them not so environmentally friendly as you would think they are. The power of the unit, or the wattage it uses, influence the suction power as well as the energy consumption, and it’s the main detail a customer pays attention to. However, as much as you would want a vacuum cleaner to be powerful, you can’t overlook the high energy use it adds to your household. A powerful unit that can suck dirt completely from your rug uses up to 2500 watts of power during an hour of cleaning, which is not a low consumption.

The effect of vacuum cleaners on the environment

Another disadvantage of the vacuum cleaners that also affects the environment is the fact they tend to get extremely hot and to release hot air filled with dust back into the air. After operating the vacuum cleaner for a few minutes, it will start to heat and you will notice dusty air coming out from its vent and into the air in the room.

Go for more environmentally friendly cleaners

Now that you have realized the harmful effect of the vacuum cleaner on the environment, you should consider a safer and more Eco-friendly version that uses less energy in order to operate. You can find many vacuum cleaners that use up to 50% less energy than the regular models in order to reduce their effect on the environment. For example, the IMETEC ECO E1 vacuum cleaner uses half the electricity of a conventional vacuum cleaner and offers the same satisfying suction power. A more environmentally friendly alternative to the regular vacuum cleaner is the robot vacuum, a small device that works on batteries to offer you a less harmful operation and the freedom of cordless cleaning. According to the website, the iRobot Roomba, which is the most popular robot vacuum charges for 3 hours and offers you a run time of 2 hours so you can clean your house without using so much electricity.

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