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Atypical Gardens in Small Spaces

There’s nothing better than spending your free time in a a garden that you’ve designed yourself. But, if you live in an area with a small yard, starting a garden is not very easy. However, know that you can be creative and create unique and beautiful gardens even in small spaces. If you’re feeling playful and artistic, here are some simple tips to help you along the way.

Take advantage of natural resources

One way to create unique garden designs without having to pay excessive amounts of money is to use natural materials. For instance, vertical logs can be used to store flower pots or if you prefer, you can fill an empty log with soil and plant your choice of vegetation. Here’s another great idea: make chairs from tree trunks. Place several tree trunks as close to each other or place a wooden table in the middle so that there’s enough space for all your guests to hang out. Besides using natural resources, you can also consider using your old water fountain for other uses. For instance, you can fill the fountain with soil and plant flowers or vegetation of your choice.

Decorate your garden

In order to beautify your garden, consider using several ornaments for decorating the outdoor space. Place several small statues in your garden and use accent lights to highlight them during the night. The accent lights will help create a mesmerizing and mythical ambiance in your garden. A good tip is to use LED lights instead of conventional lights because they are more energy efficient. You can also use LED grow lights if you plan to build a greenhouse. The LED grow lights will provide just the right amount of light and heat needed for your plants to grow in a healthy and safe environment.

Give your garden a great entrance

As you probably already know, the first impression always counts, so it’s important to not overlook this last step when designing a garden. If you want to impress your guests, consider planting flowers of various colors to give texture and add a touch of color to the garden. You can also use large bouquets of flowers in hanging vases for a touch of originality. Remember to create a pathway that leads to the entrance of the house. An interesting pathway can improve the overall design of the garden and make it stand out. Use rocks of your choice to create a beautiful pathway but paint them with glow in the dark paint. This way, when the night sets in, your pathway will glow beautiful.

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