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Delicious Vegan Deserts

Being vegan doesn’t mean that deserts won’t be on your menu list anymore. On the contrary, you will find lots of good recipes which you will love and you will make them part of your daily menu. Here are some examples of delicious must make vegan deserts.

Vegan brownies

For those who love brownies and are vegans, this is the best option. These vegan brownies are also very good for the people with egg or dairy allergies.

Vegan chocolate cake

Without any sign of sinful ingredients, this vegan chocolate cake proves that simple is best. Try it and you won’t regret it.

Pure maple butter

This is actually pure maple syrup that has been boiled to a certain temperature and then left to decrease in temperature. After all this process, it has to be stirred for 30 minutes and then just eat it with a vegan cookie. It tastes absolutely incredible.

Raw almond butter cups

These delicious almond cups are easy to make and instead of buying the chocolate,why not make it yourself using some cocoa powder, sweetener and coconut oil.

Vegan pumpkin pie

The filling is quite traditional but if you serve it with non-diary ice cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon, you will have a gorgeous vegan desert.

Melon&apple granita

The sweet ripe melon used for this granita, gives a beautiful flavor and the apple and lime juice will add a nice taste. Everything mixed will create a desert that everyone will love. For a vibrant look, add some berries or fresh figs on the top.

Grapefruit-Campari compote

If you are a compote lover you can try this recipe which doesn’t need many ingredients. A bit of syrup made from fresh ginger and Campari liqueur mixed with grapefruit segments and you will have a desert that everyone will like.

Nectarine and strawberry pops

You only need three ingredients to create this wonderful desert : fresh nectarines, strawberries and a little bit of sugar. After you mix these ingredients, you need to pour the mixture into plastic or paper cups and insert the wooden sticks before freezing. This is just perfect for kids and for adults as well.

Avocado ice cream

As the name of this desert says, this is a delicious, creamy and refreshing dairy-free avocado ice cream.
You will absolutely love it!

Tropical fruit ice

This is a very simple recipe with an intense flavor. You can make it a bit more complex by garnish it with toasted coconut and sliced fresh tropical fruit.

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