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Easy Vegan Breakfast Ideas

Being vegan has become a trend nowadays. Lots of people become vegans and the choice they make helps them to be healthier and more energetic as well. Here are some easy vegan breakfast ideas which are very nutritious and will give you energy for the entire day.

1.Strawberry oatmeal smoothie

This is perfect for people who don’t have time for a proper breakfast in the morning. Use soy milk for mixing the strawberries with, and you will have a creamy, delicious and healthy smoothie, and most of all,vegan.

2.Banana blueberry bars

These oat bars are naturally sweetened with dates,bananas,blueberries and applesauce and they are perfect for lightly sweet breakfasts or when you are on-the-go.

3.Banana muffins

No sugar,no oil,no flour and no salt. They are just perfect and absolutely delicious. They are made of flax seeds, bananas, applesauce, cinnamon and oats. In case you are not a banana fan, you can use apples, grapes, strawberries or any other fruits you would like.

4.Tofu scramble

Full of veggies and proteins,this is a very nutritional and satisfying breakfast. It offers everything you need to be full of energy the entire day.

5.Burrito bake

For the ones that love vegetables and consume them also in the morning for breakfast, this is the perfect choice. A burrito bake is full of veggies, beans and potatoes.

6.Avocado toast

Add a little lemon juice on the top of the avocado and you will have a breakfast that is definitely healthier than butter or margarine on toast.

7.Vegan cheese omelet

Making an omelet without actually using eggs is definitely a challenge. You can actually mix the cheese with any vegetables you would like. This is an awesome breakfast. Easy to make and delicious in the same time.

8.Vegan yogurt with bananas and raw cashews

Before actually buy the yogurt, check the nutritional information and go for an unsweetened variety. Just mix it with the fruits and add a bit of sugar or maple syrup for a better taste.

9.Breakfast tacos

Use any cooked greens you have or beans. Wrap some potatoes, black beans, scallions and collards in a tacos fry bread and you will be impressed by the mixture’s taste.

10.Oatmeal rhubarb porridge

The good thing is that you have two options for this recipe. Depending on how many calories you want to consume, you can make it either with milk or water.

11.Orange smoothie

Just like others smoothies,this is really easy to make and offers you lots of vitamins. Mix some orange juice with carrots and peaches. For a strong flavor add some fresh ginger.

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