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Eco Decorating Ideas

When you decorate your house, you can consider using construction remains, wood pieces, plastic bottles, paper, and any other thing you have at home. This way, you will limit the amount of new things you buy, you will save money and you will protect the environment by turning your home into an Eco-friendly one.

Leaves paintings

Withered leaves will make excellent paintings if you place them in beautiful frames. Look for leaves with an interesting shape or color, glues them onto a piece of paper and frame them in matching wooden or cardboard frames and you will have an excellent set of paintings for the hallway or the office.

Glass jar containers

Every time you buy a beautiful jar, don’t throw it away once you empty it and reuse it to make a great container or even a pretty flower vase. Save the jars, paint them in nice colors or apply lace on them, then arrange them around the house as small vases or use them to store your favorite spices and herbs in the kitchen.

Old corks or recycled newspapers lamps

If you love wine, you can turn the corks into an excellent lamp using some string and small light bulbs, or you can opt fro the rough finish of the lamp made of recycled newspaper pulp paste.

Old fabrics turned new

Old sheets and bed covers that still look good can become new pillowcases, curtains, a canopy for the patio bed or a new bed sheet for your beloved pet. Instead of throwing away the fabrics you no longer use, think about how you can give them another use.

Rough wood furniture

Wood stumps are excellent for making little stools or coffee tables that are perfect not only for a patio but for a living room or a balcony as well. Choose some fine wood stumps, smooth their edges and apply a layer of lacquer or leave them as such. You can create soft cushions for the stools or attach a piece of glass on top on a stump to make a beautiful coffee table.

Timeless collections

If during your vacations you used to collect beach pebbles, shells, cones, or any other trinkets, you can use them as decorations for a shelf. Place them in small glass jars and bowls and arrange them on a coffee table or a shelf.

Glass bottles shelf

Some glass bottles and a wood plank will make an excellent miniature decoration that you can use as a shelf. Drill some holes in the plank and insert the neck of the bottles into the holes. Fill the bottles with flowers and you will have an excellent Eco decoration.

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