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Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your house not only implies a lot of work, but also multiple cleaning products that are not only expensive but are also damaging to the environment due to all the chemicals they contain. To reduce the shopping list of cleaning products and to be a more Eco-friendly person, here are some safe and natural ways to clean your house.

Use less water

Water is something you use when you clean everything in your house and sometimes you waste water either because you think about the importance of saving water, or because you are not paying attention to the matter. To become an Eco-friendly cleaner, use as little water as you can by turning it off when you don’t use it, use less soap so that you will rinse less or place mats that will collect the dirt and dust so that you will have to wash and wipe less.

Soften the dirt first

Hardened dirt or grease is often impossible to remove without applying a chemical cleaning product that will dissolve the particles and allow you to clean the surface. Ovens, stoves, window sills, floors or counters get dirty and sometimes the stains will only come out is you rub them with strong cleaning products, which release harmful toxins in the air. The regular clothes steamer you have at home can save you time and effort if you use it on hard stains. The powerful steam will soften the stains without the need of chemical cleaning products and everything will be easier to wipe clean.

Use vinegar instead of chlorine

If mold and mildew are a common problem in your house, you most likely have tried cleaning the spots with special products or chlorine, which have a bad odor and can irritate your eyes and lungs. An Eco-friendly way to remove mold fungus is to wash the affected areas with plain vinegar that acts like an acid that penetrates the area and removes the mold spores.

Look in your pantry

For every place in your house, there is a product in your pantry that can be used in the cleaning process. If you want a natural disinfectant that will kill the bacteria and the viruses around your house, you can obtain one by mixing 2 tablespoons of borax, 4 tablespoons of vinegar, 3 cups of hot water and a little liquid soap. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and apply it on every surface you want to disinfect. For the wooden pieces of furniture, lemon juice and olive oil are the best cleaning products that protect the wood, clean it in depth and offer it a natural and beautiful shine. Apply the mixture on a cloth and clean the furniture with long circular moves.

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