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Eco-Friendly Security Solutions for Home

If you are planning to install a home security system, you must take into account other things that are as important as security and comfort. For instance, it’s important to make sure that the electronic security devices that you are planning to install don’t generally consume too much energy. Otherwise, you’ll end up with energy bills that are too high. To ensure that you don’t waste much energy, opt dor eco-friendlier solutions.

Control lighting when you are away

Here’s another great tip to improve the level of security in your house, while preserving energy. Smart home lighting allows you to control the lights in your house whenever you are away from home. This way, you manage to minimize energy usage and keep predators at bay. How? Well, if you are away from home, you can control home lighting by having the lights turned on and off in different rooms at certain periods of time. Burglars will think that there are several people inside their house, so there’s no way they could break in.

Opt for motion detectors lights

If you are the type of person who travels a lot and have neither the time nor the means to spend each and every single day at home, you can either ask a neighbor to keep an eye on your house or keep the outdoor lights on even during the night. This is a great solution because burglars will think that there’s someone inside their house. However, one major downside to this solution is the fact that outdoor lighting consumes lots of energy. In this case, consider installing motion detector lights that will turn on only when they sense movement. In order to make more savings, you can also use solar panels to power the outdoor lighting.

Choose an efficient security system

There are many homeowners around the world who have at least one security camera installed indoors or outdoors. If you are planning to install a security camera, an Eco-friendlier solution would be to opt for one that uses recycled materials or is made of electronic components that can be recycled after it’s no longer of use. Look for an efficient security camera that consists of parts that can repairable, electronic components that come from other gadgets and precious metals.

Replace conventional light bulbs with LED lights

This is a great way to save energy and help protect the environment. Compared to traditional incandescent light bulbs, LED light bulbs are more energy efficient because they consume 80% less energy. Another main advantage of opting for LED lights is the fact that the last longer, even for several years so you won’t have to change them so often. The minor drawback consists in the fact that they are more expensive than regular light bulbs, but it will cost you more to change several incandescent light bulbs a year, rather than have LED lighting installed in your house.

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