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Green Driving Tips

According to several major studies, tailpipe emissions form vehicles are responsible for more than a third of the air pollution in the U.S. In order to reduce air pollution and help preserve the environment, consider driving an eco-friendlier car and change the way you drive. If you want to learn more about how to reduce pollution when driving, follow these easy tips and ideas.

Eliminate weight

In order to function properly, the car needs to burn gas to obtain energy. However, you car might need more energy if it is heavier than usual. That’s why you’ll often see SUV’s wasting more has than small cars, such as mini coopers or smarts. The added weight will make your car use more energy so it’s important to eliminate the weight in the first place, regardless of what car you have. If you have a bike rack that you don’t use, take it off because it adds more weight than needed. Moreover, check your truck. You probably have plenty of items stored in there, most of them are probably not needed anymore. Clear all sports equipment, gym bags, musical instruments or other things that may add to the weight.

Car pooling

Here’s another great tip to save fuel and money at the same time: share your car with two or three more friends. Car pooling is a great way to limit gas consumption but it has other advantages. For example, you will do a good deed by helping a friend in need. Maybe your coworker needs a ride back home, but he doesn’t have enough money to pay a cab or even time to wait for the bus. It’s a great way to make new friends or bond with other people more easily. When traveling abroad by car ask some friends to join you. Time will pass much easier and the whole journey will be more fun and enjoyable.

Tire maintenance

Not many people think about this aspect but tire maintenance is very important if you want to protect the environment. It’s vital to check the tires every once in a while, and ask a professional to help you with some tips on how to care for the tires. As a word of advice, make sure the tires are inflated so that the fuel efficiency is not directly affected. Furthermore, it’s recommended to change your regular tires with low rolling resistance tires which are harder than the regular ones. Taking this small step can lead to a 6% increase in fuel economy, so don’t overlook it.

Watch your speed

We’ve saved this last tip for last because it’s important to consider when driving. As a general rule, speeding, breaking and even accelerating require more energy, meaning that you waste a great amount of gas whenever you accelerate or speed. It’s more recommended to start slowly rather than to rush things. The next time you’re on the road slow down. It doesn’t matter if you waste more time, you’ll make up for it by not having to fuel your vehicle as often. You can also add a radar detector to help you pay attention to the road and limit your speed. Radar detectors are known to slow down speeding because users are more aware.

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