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Helpful Tips for Easing into the Vegan Diet

In case you are not ready to completely adopt a vegan lifestyle, here are some helpful tips for easing into the vegan diet. Even if you make only one change in your current eating habits to include more plant-based foods, you will definitely improve your diet and your health and step by step you will become a vegan.

1.Replace the meat

Mushrooms are vegan foods that can satisfy your craving for meaty chew. You can try different recipes, such as grilled portabello mushroom and instead of eating a beef burger try tempeh for ground beef or turkey in a delicious spaghetti sauce or add sauteed mushrooms and tempeh to pasta instead of chicken or seafood. Chunks of sauteed tofu can also be used in soups or salads.

2.Replace the milk

Replace the milk with a non-dairy alternative. There are lots of different non-dairy milks on the market, which are significantly lower in calories than dairy milk. Other dairy-free alternatives could be rice milk, soya milk, almond milk, and hemp milk. Try them all and see which one of them you like in order to make it part of your new lifestyle.

3.Start eating beans, nuts and grains

At the beginning, start by serving small portions of animal proteins, such as poultry, meats, and seafood. Bolster your meal with nuts, beans and whole grains, which provide protein. Instead of serving a steak with a side of rice, make a grain salad with chopped veggies, beans, and nuts. You can try different combinations until you discover the one that you like most.

4.Take it step by step

Instead of eliminating all animal products from the start, begin with eliminating them for one or two days per week. On those days when you don’t consume meat, experiment vegan foods, such as dairy-free alternatives for yogurt, ice-cream and cheese, and base your meals on whole grains, seeds, nuts and healthy fats. You will find that it can be delicious, nutritious, and a way of life that makes you feel healthier.

5.Go with the fresh fruits and veggies

Now it is time to put the farmers market on your weekly to do list and bring home freshly-picked fruits, vegetables and herbs. They are absolutely loaded with nutrients and they have an exceptional taste, which will make you appreciate a plant-based diet. Surprise your plate with the fresh flavor of locally farmed fruits and vegetables and you will definitely look forward to eating less meat.

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