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How to Buy Energy Efficient Appliances

Appliances are designed to make life easier and to increase the level of quality and comfort of our living. When you buy a new appliance, besides the features it should contain and its efficiency and durability, you also have to check if it’s an energy efficient unit that will not raise your electricity bill nor will it damage the environment with harmful emissions. Here are some buying tips that will help you choose low-consuming appliances for your home.

Read the Energy label

The simplest way to choose energy efficient appliances is to read their energy label, which shows in which energy-saving class they belong. Buy an appliance that belongs to the A or A+ energy class, as this is the one with the lowest energy consumption. Most appliances display an Energy Star guide that tells you how many watts of power they use and which is the equivalent of the power in dollars. The Energy Star rating of the appliances is an essential factor when it comes to buying energy-efficient appliances, especially those that operate for a long time, like the refrigerators.

Choose quality products

When you buy appliances, think of them as they would have two price tags, one with the purchasing cost and one with the operating cost. Don’t let yourself fooled by a cheap appliance that boasts that if will require little energy, as cheap units are more likely to contain poor quality components that increase their energy consumption. In some cases, the higher the purchasing price, the lower the operating cost, due to the fact that reliable manufacturers use more expensive components that result in higher prices.

Go for the proper size

Choosing the right size is an important aspect when you are buying appliances that you want to be energy efficient. If you have a small family, buying a large unit, like a side-by-side refrigerator will needlessly raise your energy bill when a regular top freezer refrigerator would be just perfect. Instead of buying a large dishwasher that will require twice as much power, you can opt for a drawer dishwasher that will be enough for a small family.

Look for innovative features

Nowadays appliances are designed with features that make them less energy consuming, so pay attention to these features next time you shop for appliances. Options like heat pumps in tumble dryers, washing machines that can wash in cold water or dishwasher with energy saving cycles that last shorter are innovations that make the appliances more energy efficient.

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