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How to Conserve Water

Water conservation is important because you not only save money on the utility bills but you also help fight pollution and preserve the environment. Saving water can be done in small action steps and it’s much easier if you ask your family and friends to join you. It’s for a good cause after all. In the following article, you will learn about some simple ways to conserve water directly at your home. Here’s how to get it started.

Use the dishwasher and clothes washer only when needed

When it comes to saving water at home, you need to pay attention when using appliances that operate on water, such as dishwashers and clothes water. A great tip to save water is to use these appliances for only full loads, therefore you will save not only water but also energy. However, if you need to use the dishwasher or clothes washer for smaller loads, remember to adjust the water levels so that you don’t waste too much water. Last but not least, look for a dishwasher that is Energy Star certified, meaning that it will use 35% up to 50% less water per load.

Water your lawn and garden when it’s necessary

As a general rule, it’s recommended to water your lawn, garden only when it’s necessary and not every day. Otherwise, you may actually end up doing more damage than good. A good way to check whether your lawn needs watering or not is to step on the grass and see if it springs back up when you move. If it does, skip watering until next day. During colder months, the rainfall and morning dew will keep the soil moist so you don’t have to water it straight in the morning.

Use gray water

Gray water refers to the water that has been already used, water that comes from kitchen sinks, clothes washers, dehumidifiers or tubs.You can use gray water for watering the lawn, garden and other purposes. Recycling water can help you preserve the environment, not to mention it’s a good way to lower your energy costs. For instance, while waiting for the shower water to get hotter, you can collect the cold water and use to water for home gardening or for flushing the toilet. You can also recycle water from the dehumidifier that has been installed in your house. Dehumidifiers are well known for extracting water from the air in order to maintain an ideal level of humidity in the room. It’s 100% safe to use the collected water for watering your plants or other innovative purposes.

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