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Natural Vs Synthetic Mattresses

Choosing the right type of mattress has always been a matter of debate, as every manufacturer claims that their model is the best, the most comfortable and the safest to use. When it comes to the fabrics the mattress is made of, the choices resume to either natural or synthetic, which determines the level of safety and the quality of the mattress. Here is a description of the two types of fabrics that can clear you which is the best one to choose for your home. As you will see, there are many things to consider before buying a new mattress. We suggest that you read some professional reviews of various mattresses in order to see which are the best ones. On that note, we recommend the site as it features some very comprehensive mattress reviews.

Latex mattresses

The best beds are usually the ones that have latex mattresses. The latex mattresses can be both natural and synthetic, or blend between the two. The two types of latex are made almost identically, with the difference that natural latex contains some substances that increase its quality and durability. However, synthetic latex mattresses tend to last longer and are less expensive, which is why they are more popular than the natural latex ones. Regarding the toxicity of the latex mattresses, they have been thoroughly tested and have been proven to be completely safe even for babies.

Memory foam mattresses

The memory foam mattresses are a synthetic type created using some unpleasant chemicals that make it a highly harmful type of mattress. Most of them tend to have a strong bad odor and they contain a bad toxic fume that can be very harmful to the health in case the mattress breaks, so if you own a memory foam mattress replace it before it is badly damaged. Although this model is one of the most comfortable available, you should know that it is completely made of synthetic materials, so if you want a natural mattress you should orient towards another type.

Organic mattresses

The organic mattresses are the most natural ones, made of natural fibers that are breathable and durable. The bamboo blends often found in the ticking of some mattresses is known as an artificial blend, meaning it is neither natural nor synthetic, but a combination of viscose materials. Organic mattresses that are 100% natural are made of fabrics like cotton, wool, silk or linen, which guarantees a natural, safe, comfortable and environmentally-friendly mattress. These are the best beds, but they can cost quite a lot of money. However, a quality mattress should last for at least 10 years, so you should view this as a long-term investment.

Innerspring mattresses

The innerspring mattresses are a combination of recycled steel and natural fibers, which makes this type a popular and safe mattress. This type of mattresses is both comfortable and in some way natural, which makes it a good choice.

Fire retardant mattresses

Mattresses should be fire retardant and the new laws in the matter have changed the way mattresses are guaranteed to resist to fire and more and more chemicals are being used in the process. If you worry about the safety and the fire resistance of the mattress, you can either choose a compressed wool one, an inherent silica one or a mattress treated with Boric acid.


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