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The Environmental Impacts of Eating Meat

The meat consumption habits take a serious toll on the environment. According to the studies that have been made, enormous outlays of fertilizer are being used for production, processing and distribution of meat,and they send greenhouse gases, feed, fuel, pesticides and a range of chemicals into our air and water.
Let’s have a look at the facts that cause harm to the environment.

Air pollution

Raising animals for meat generates a lot more greenhouse gas emissions than all the cars, trains, ships, trucks and planes in the world altogether. This is an enormous contributor to greenhouse gas emissions that are causing at the moment, the global climate change. A report made by the United Nations, in 2010, identified that meat consumption and animal agriculture industry as one of the most significant drivers of climate change. The waste from factory farms gives off many dangerous gases such as methane and hydrogen sulfide, as well as clouds of dust and particles, which pollute the air. Since these farms are all over the world, there is no hope for a better future, unless we decide to change our lifestyle and start with consuming less meat.

Land damage

Deforestation is one of the major types of environmental damage. Large swaths of forest have been cleared for animal pasture and agriculture as well. If we continue to raise animals as many as we do at the moment or if the population will grow as projected,that means we need to clear more forests in order to be able to feed the entire Earth’s population. For example, in North America 40% of all the rainforests have already been cleared and even burned down in the last 40 years, mostly for cattle pasture for the export market. All over the world,13 million hectares of forest have been lost each year between 2000 and 2010 due to the deforestation. Forests make an important contribution to humanity, but their full potential will be realized if we stop deforestation and forest degradation.

Water pollution

A few years ago, experts calculated how much amount of water we consume and they found out that we are taking half the available water on the planet, leaving the rest of it to be divided among a million or more species. This is, obviously not enough. They also found out that the heaviest water use is caused by the animals we raise for meat. By reducing the amount of meat we eat, we can reduce the water waste. We all should think about how we can help change the things that can destroy us one day.

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