How to produce free electricity?

Abundant natural resources around us are awesome sources of green energy. Choosing a residential green energy system can help in making long-term savings and protecting the environment too.

Free renewable energysources are all around us. Some of them are the sun that shines, wind that blows and rivers that flow. Geysers that erupt, tide that goes in and out and radioactive materials that decay are all free renewable energy sources.

We can generate our own energy by converting these basic forms of energy into a form that is useful to us. However, It would require equipment or infrastructure like solar panels, wind turbine, dam, nuclear power plant etc.

It would be ideal to consult the municipalities or councils before going for a renewable energy system. Each state varies in the way they regulate renewable energy systems.

To make renewable energy installation easier, the government offers many incentives and tax credits for individuals. It applies to systems like solar panels, wind turbines, geothermal heat pumps and solar water heaters.

An appropriate usage of natural resources, help us produce free electricity in the following ways.

Residential solar panels

A solar power system captures every ray of sunshine that touches the roof and convert it to electricity.  Government subsidies, tax credits and incentives help many to go for solar panel installation.

Most of the solar companies offer a no-obligation assessment to determine the best installation sites. Solar panel installation is very important because the efficiency of solar panels depends on how well it captures maximum sunlight.

The excess energy from the solar system can be export to the grid. The feed-in tariff is another way of savings made by the solar power system.

A battery storage system enables one to store excess energy. It can be used when there is power outage It can also be used when the system has less or no production due to weather condition

Wind turbine

To provide free electricity for home, there is no need of huge wind turbines. Even a small propeller installed in a windy area can work wonders with electricity bills.

Consul with professionals before installation. They can assure the safety of turbines. Propelling the turbine blade requires ample wind. Professionals can help in locating such the best places.

The electricity generated by the turbines can be used as such or stored in a battery for later use. It can even be exported to the grid.

     3. Solar and Wind Hybrid Systems

A Solar and Wind Hybrid Systems is perfect for electricity generation in a place where there are sunny days and windy nights. It compensates the drawbacks of solar power system and wind power system.

It would capture the solar energy during the daytime and convert it into electricity. At night when there is no sunshine, it would capture wind energy and convert it into electricity.

The battery is a good way of storing the excess power, Therefore you can use the backup power whenever you need it. One can easily disconnect from the grid provided they have a Solar and Wind Hybrid Systems with battery storage system. It will meet all the energy needs of a house.

Micro hydropower Systems

Micro hydropower Systems divert the flow of water through a small turbine. The current generates free electricity 24 hours a day.

The flow of water is more continuous and reliable than wind and sun. That makes a micro hydropower system better than a hybrid system. Above all, This system is the best way to power an isolated home or a small community. It is essential to have a running stream on the property.

In areas where water flow is maximum and solar energy is minimum in winter, it would be better to use a micro hydropower system along with a PV system.

Solar Water Heaters

Even though Installation of a residential solar power system is expensive, It is an affordable way of water heating. This system works on the thermosiphon principle. It would make a huge difference in electricity bills. It is nature friendly as well.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal heat pump is a highly efficient renewable energy technology that is gaining wide acceptance for both residential and commercial buildings.

It is used for water heating, space heating and cooling. Instead of producing heat through the combustion of fossil fuels, geothermal heat pumps depend on naturally existing heat.

It uses the earth as a heat source. It uses the heat below the earth’s crust to heat homes and offices during winter.

These systems use a closed loop of pipes to pump fluid through an underground channel. It is pumped into the home and back to underground again.

Inside the home, a heat exchanger uses warmth from the pipes to heat living spaces while using minimal energy.


Factories generate a lot of biomass waste and this can be used to generate electricity.  Biomass fuels include scrap lumber, forest debris, certain crops, manure, wood chips, timber offcuts, paper products, animal manure and sewage.

When biomass waste is heated, it produces steam and this steam is used to run turbines that produce electricity.

At home, we can burn dry biomass in a wood burner for heating. This can also use for water heating.


Agricultural waste, manure, plant material, animal farm waste are the top raw materials for Biogas.  It is useful for farmers who have to dispose of a lot of animal and plant waste.

Most importantly biogas is fuel for combustion engines. It converts it to mechanical energy which powers an electric generator to produce electricity.

This biogas is also an awesome source of power. Certainly, it can use for heating, cooling, cooking, and producing electricity.

A biogas plant is suitable for larger farms only as it requires maintenance and operational attention.

Diesel generators

Diesel generators are another source of electricity generation in residential and commercial sectors. Being expensive not all can afford a diesel generator.

Ensure minimum electricity wastage with proper insulation, energy-efficient light bulbs, gas cooking, solar water heating etc.

Such a practise along with any type of home power generating equipment can lower electricity bills to a greater extent.

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