Is 10kW solar system enough for a home in Perth?

The size of a solar system is decided on the basis of one’s capacity to afford the system, available roof space and their electricity needs. Variety of solar packages are available as 3kW solar system, 6kW solar system, 10kW solar systems.

Selecting a bigger system size is the best way to go as a smaller system would not be able to generate enough power to get through the times of higher power demand.

Considering future electricity needs such as buying an electric vehicle, switching to electric heating and cooling or adding a pool pump it is more cost-effective to buy a larger system than you currently need.

The key cost difference between a smaller system and a larger one is not much. The additional cost of added components of a larger system is relatively cheaper.

Larger systems are more in demand now due to the higher feed-in tariffs and lower cost of panels.  A 10 KW solar system will produce an average of 14,000 kWh per year.

A 10KW solar system Perth is one of the largest solar PV systems available for residential use. It is ideal for large households using 20kW/day and an electricity budget of $800 or more per bill cycle.

It helps to maximise reliability, output and longevity. With it one gets rewarded financially for the excess power that is exported back to the grid.

Can we run an AC and Car Charger in the Solar panel?

The hike in oil prices and global warming has made electric cars a feasible option for those who want to save money and reduce greenhouse gases.

Most of the electric cars need between 12 and 18kWh of electricity to travel 100km. The local kWh cost per 1 kWh is 30 cents.

The electricity cost for a 100km EV trip would be $4,800. This would be at least half the cost of the fuel required to power a conventional petrol vehicle.

Running a car charger in solar panel is more convenient than driving to a charging station.  The biggest advantage is that one can charge their car for less money.

Vehicles with larger batteries need more power and more solar panels are required to charge them. Home solar system Perth is a valuable asset that harness the power of the sun to power electric cars.

Rise in global temperatures have made air conditioners more common in residential and commercial establishments. The high cost of running air conditioners can be effectively dealt with the solar panels. Undoubtedly, it would help to make significant savings in the long run.

An AC would consume about 1 to 2 units of electricity in an hour, based on its tonnage and heat load in the room.

A 1 kW Solar PV Panel would produce about 5-7 units in a day, which can get consumed in 4-5 hours of continuous running of an air conditioner. If other appliances in a setup are also added then the need of energy increases.

1 ton AC is best to set up 6 solar panels with 250 watts each. If the usage of air conditioner is more, then a bigger battery storage size and more kW of solar panel will be required.

Can we run all home appliances in 10kW Solar system?

Increase in technology has made a 10KW solar system Perth achievable in residential setting. It is ideal for usage in large households, offices, commercial shops and factories.

A 10kW solar system could be a perfect solution for those who use around 20kW hours of energy during daytime, have reverse cycle air conditioning, a large pool, home automation, and an electricity budget of $800 or more.

It can run 2-3 Air Conditioners along with standard load like lighting, fans, tv, washing machine etc. If battery is added to the system, the house will never run out of power.

It is capable of running 8 LED Lights, 8 Fan, 2 tonne AC 2 nos, one fridge, a TV, Washing Machine and a Cooler. During the life span of 25 years, it releases 360000 units of electricity.

With batteries one can store 30000 watt-hours of electricity to be used at night or in an emergency. The system provides a return on investment in 5.5 years.

In contrast to a 6KW solar system Perth, a 10 KW system is more robust, easy to maintain and produce enough electricity to power a home with slightly above-average electricity consumption.

Plan your solar system in Perth

First thing to remember while planning a solar system in Perth is to investigate one’s home energy efficiency. A home energy audit can help one understand where the home is losing energy. Consequently, one can improve the efficiency of their home.

To begin with, one can use mapping tools or work directly with a solar installer who can provide an accurate assessment of solar potential as well as detailed recommendations, estimates, and equipment expertise.

A solar contractor recommends the system’s type and size, based on the annual electricity needs and any future additions.

There are online tools that helps to find and compare solar installers. While researching installers, be sure to find qualified and insured professionals with the proper certification.

After obtaining Bids and Site Assessments from Solar Installers one need to understand Incentives and other financing options.

Installers will ensure that the solar system is installed with proper orientation and tilt so as to maximise the seasonal solar energy received and produced by the system.

A good quality 10kW solar system costs between $9,900 and $14,300.  It generates around 44 units per day and has an average payback period of 3 to 5 years.

In short, its advantages are so much that a 10 KW solar system has become a mainstream solar panel for enormous homes and little workplaces.

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